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Accessible Art at the Broad

On April 14th, 2015, the Exceptions team debuted an exclusive exhibit at the prestigious Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum. A merging of poetry and painting, the exhibit featured collaborative work created by Michigan State University students. Poets composed original works of verse, and artists created tactile paintings inspired by these poems. The paintings were displayed alongside Braille, print, and audio versions of the poems: together, they generated a dynamic, interactive experience for guests across the visual ability spectrum. Now, these works have been made available in an online web exhibit composed of photo, audio, and video.

The event also featured remarks from Exceptions managing editor Katie Grimes and Michael Hudson, the director of MSU’s Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities, who spoke about the importance of accessibility in museums. A behind-the-scenes video detailed the cross-university efforts that came together to make “Accessible Art” a success. Media coverage included pieces from MSUToday and The State News, and photos and video from the event can be viewed in the gallery below.


All original works in the exhibit can be found below.

Poet: Connor Yeck
Artists: Samantha Amstutz, Ziwei Jiao, Jesse Sanderson

Poet: Danyelle Morrow
Artists: Katheryn Chiappelli, Karl Evans

Belfast, 1978
Artists: Nicole Kiester, Xuanjia Zeng

Poet: Stefanie Haapala
Artists: William Rochte, Weiling Tong

How to Be Everything You Never Wanted To Be
Poet: Morgan Hanks
Artists: Katelyn Kmet, Colin Murray, Emily Simenauer

The Love of a Woman
Poet: Kaitlyn Fay
Artists: Hannah Connell, Jenna Range

Two Musicians
Poet: Yasmine Khabir
Artists: Brantley Barnes, Daniel Tesoriero

Craig Pearson