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I Chew the Dawn, I Eat the Day

Artwork: Jaren McNamara

Literary selection: Briana Beeman

I Chew the Dawn, I Eat the Day

Isabelle de Aldrete

I chew the dawn, I eat the day. I sink my teeth into
every goddamn piece of cake and
shove my nose deep into the roses.

I swivel on the dance floor and slide around
on ice skates. I hoard sunbeams and star constellations.
I’m gonna be happy even if I gotta fight monsters
with my bare hands and my tired feet. I’m gonna love me
until people get uncomfortable to see it.
I’m gonna squeeze every last drop out of life
until it begs for mercy.

I’m gonna get to the place where I stop feeling empty, so
hand me a slice of that party, that art piece, that beach.
Call up good memories. tell them I’m perched
like a hawk on the horizon. tell them I’m riding
with a bullwhip in one hand and a sword of fire in the other.
tell them I’m coated in brilliant armor.

I don’t care if the night’s dark, I got a lantern
of the people I love. I don’t care if I make mistakes
because everyone does. I don’t care if I gotta
punch my demons right in their sharp teeth
and strong jaws. I don’t care if the battle’s
bound to be bloody and tough and terribly long.

I am ready.
Bring it on.

Photo: Karah Smith