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Gazing into Twilight

Artwork: Dana Konkel

Original poem: Sarah Farnsworth

Gazing into Twilight

Gazing into the peaceful, smoky twilight,
vision skewed by the setting sun
spilling over the horizon
with its pinkish, yellow glow,
you could hear the shadow’s laughter
jumbled among the whispers
of the towering brown trees,
telling stories of unseeming truths.

The smell of spring exploding
in your nose as you
breathe in the beautiful blossoms,
popping back to life after the
quiet, dead winter.

You would dance through the narrow river
and feel the cool water splashing
between your playful toes.
But soon dusk disappears,
the shining of the dark, gray moon
slowly taking over,
as the forest begins to doze off,
welcoming the night’s silence
patiently waiting for
morning to come again.


Photo: Karah Smith