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Veni, Vidi, Vici…

Artwork: Jacob Chaban

Original poem: Josue Kpodo

Veni, Vidi, Vici...

Five, four. No, I can make it, yes. You did again, didn’t you?

… Mayday … Mayday …

Exhausted, you left me alone, what about the plan to roll out the ace.

Quiet, why are you, where are we? What is that stupid smile on thy face?

Let’s just keep trying. You, just hold on a little longer…

We’re almost there, a little longer

… Mayday … Mayday …

“Anybody, do you hear me. sos. Coordinates: 52 Northwest towards Mans. sos

Please. Help for heaven’s sake! sos. My comrade. Please. Help. sos”

No, they’re coming, they’re near. Three, two. 

“It was darker that time, we thought we won’t make it but we did right? Now too”

“I am feeling cold, very cold, empty, it is blurry, thirsty, it hurts. ”

The smell of the melting battery in the radio

With this amount of blood you lost. There, let’s rest behind this Judas Iscariot tree.

One now, only one bullet left! Ammo, no more,

Is this the end for us? Light, none left! Radio, no more.

You should have left me behind along in the damn booby trap,

You don’t deserve this death trap.

Venise, if there was something I wish I saw last in this world, it would have been

your eyes, which conquered my soul, twenty years ago;

Abe, Ed, Al, Sorry, dad won’t make it on time for dinner tonight…

Photo: Karah Smith