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Sarah Stanners

Artist’s Statement: This piece was created using a simple everyday black ballpoint gel pen. It started off as a relatively simple drawing of a man with lines in his eyes instead of pupils. I then continued the theme of lines and used very sketchy lines where some of the main shadows and indents on the face would be.

When you stare at something for too long then look away, you still have an impression of that image in your view. Once you see something, you can never un-see it, and the image lingers in your head for a moment after you turn away. The lines in the man’s eyes represent all of the bad images that we wish we could erase from our memory and the ones that we see every day and cannot seem to shake out of our heads. These negative images will eventually come to shape our view of the world and life itself if we do not see something good once in a while to let us forget the bad.

Sarah Stanners is a sophomore at Grand Valley State University enrolled in the Art Department working towards a B.F.A. in Printmaking with a Business minor. Her hobbies include drawing, reading, longboarding, watching documentaries, and teaching herself to speak Russian.

This work was published as one of the winners of our 2014 “Ways of Seeing” Contest.