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Danyelle Morrow

Your grandmother had been droning on
and on and on and on and
her words, flitting quickly through
one ear and out, the flight of the hummingbird.

The near invisible wings beating o
and on and on and on and
the motion, jumping here, there and
his body disappearing and reappearing.

His ruby throat, eyes searching as he circles
the red plastic feeder, bobbing on its hook,
the long beak poking into yellow flowers,
his sugar-water reward, to be gifted to his young.

You could crush him, his small frame
weightless, free, floating like clouds,
his wings carrying him stealthily through,
the beating on and on and on and

his young, anxiously awaiting his return,
their growing beaks poking out of
a haphazard nest, a home — if he never returned
only they would miss him.

You blink and he floats swiftly away
as if leaving the young, the tiny beaks —
The moment of fear they must feel,
sudden, fleeting, time halted until his return.

Breath held, you wait for his reappearance,
counting your beating heart like invisible wings,
as it sinks and slows with every second of empty space,
and your grandmother, in her rocker, droning on and on and


Katheryn Chiappelli  Mixed media

Katheryn Chiappelli
Mixed media

Karl Evans   Beating  Mixed media, paint, bark, glass, and jute

Karl Evans
Mixed media, paint, bark, glass, and jute

ARTIST'S STATEMENT, Katheryn Chiappelli

Katheryn is from Hartland Michigan and is currently a Junior at Michigan State University pursuing a B.A. degree in Studio Art as a preliminary step to getting a M.Ed in Art Therapy.

How did creating art for this accessible exhibit change your artistic process or perspective?
When creating art for the accessible exhibit, I took a very different approach with my artistic process. I focused mainly on the textural experience of my work and then just let the aesthetics fall into place.

How did it feel watching guests engage with your art?
Watching guests engage with my art felt amazing. It’s not every day you get to create art for someone who may have never had the opportunity experience it in an accessible way.