ACL 2018

Accessible Learning Conference 2018

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The ALC Logo


Exceptions’ Events at the ALC 2018

This year we have the amazing opportunity to speak at the Accessible Learning Conference as well as have a mini Accessible Art Exhibit for the event as well! Keep reading to find out more information about these events:


We will be having a 15 minute presentation at this years Accessible Learning Conference about who we are and what Exceptions Journal is all about!
We are presenting at 1:15 pm in room 106 at the Kellogg Center on December 7th, 2018!

Accessible art exhibit

With help from the ALC, Exceptions Journal is hosting another Accessible Art Event during the Accessible Learning Conference. This will be taking place in the Atrium on the Second Floor, B-Wing in Wells during the week of December 3rd-7th, 2018.